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    Original Painting Al Breece

    Original Painting 27x 31 including frame. Signed Al Breece.

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    Unique Dayton Pendant

    This stunning sterling silver pendant (slightly larger than a quarter) was inspired by a vintage 1904 bicycle built in Dayton by the Davis Sewing Machine Co.  It was individually hand cast and replicates the “DAYTON” wheel chain sprocket on that Dayton Racer bicycle model. By 1885, the bicycle craze had reached its height in America.  Davis Sewing Machine, located in East Dayton, converted much of its plant to build more of its “Dayton” model bicycle.  By 1905, Davis was the largest bicycle maker in the U.S., building over 600 bicycles a day. Across town, two brothers were repairing and building bicycles on a very small scale.  In part, due to competition from Davis and the advent...

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    Unique Side Table

    Eclectic Essentials original one of a kind unique side table. Perfect to spice up any kind of room! Featuring images from Pulp Magazines that are decoupaged on top! ****PRICE MAY VARY DUE TO WEIGHT AND SIZE. THE FINAL PRICE YOU SEE MAY NOT BE CORRECT. PLEASE CALL US AT 937-361-0662 TO ENSURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT AND FINAL...

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