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Original Painting Al Breece

Original Painting 27x 31 including frame. Signed Al Breece.

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Vintage Pitcher

This is a vintage pitcher with a man and a women on both side. Felt is glued on the bottome. Great condition no chips or cracks. It’s about 7.5 inches tall and 6 inches...

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Kellogs Rice Crispies Cereal Pop Character

Vintage Kellogg’s Rice Krispies™ Cereal cartoon character. Pop is a rubber doll marked with their name and “is a Reg. T.M. of Kellogg Co” on the base. Pop is 8″ tall and 2 1/2″ across the base. It can be cleaned up nicely with a little...

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Labotts Pilsner Beer drink stirrer holder 1960’s

LABATT’S PILSNER BEER. 10″ tall figure standing next to a hollow 4″ tall beer barrel. He was the company logo in the 1960’s. In raised letters on base it reads “Canada’s Most honoured Brew”.This is the Rarer version of this Character ,the second version is hard plastic while this is like A soft vinyl – like squeeze toy. 9 3/4″ tall 5″ wide .Importers Buffalo, NY...

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Rare Hand Painted Blown Glass Hookah Pipe

This is an amazing vintage hand painted hookah with 14K gold paint. It is made by the famous Brebbia family from Italy. No chips or cracks. I do believe it’s from the 1930’s and is about 7.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Great addition to any collection....

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Handcrafted Ceramic Sculpture

Horse or donkey? You decide. Another whimsical creation made for Eclectic Essentials by Billy Hines. 7 inches tall at the ears, 8.5 inches wide, and 15.5 inches long, this one of a kind will surely make any room...

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